What Is Bitcoin?

A bitcoin is an electronic currency that first came out in January 2009. The idea of creating bitcoin was from a document by an anonymous programmer named Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin promises lower transaction fees than usual payment systems, unlike government-issued money. Bitcoin is a currency that arose to fix all economic problems related to centralized currency. Bitcoins cannot be held physically but can be stored and viewed on a public ledger called the blockchain. Bitcoins are NOT backed or controlled by any bank and government. Their value is from a large community of developers and users who work to manage and protect the system.

What Is Senexpay?

Senexpay is a bitcoin to naira instant exchange platform. The platform is built with an AI technology which ensures a client's ease of use, protection, and its network reliability. Clients can buy and sell bitcoins in less than two minutes irrespective of the time, place, and transaction volume. It also offers a progressive web app to help users maximise data usage.

Is Senexpay Safe to Use?

Senexpay is built with an AI technology which guarantees its protection and network reliability. The website is shielded from DDoS attacks and does NOT store user funds; instead, users transact using any wallet they fully control.

Does Senexpay Require Signups?

Senexpay does NOT require signups for transactions up to $1,000 or its equivalents. Our platform is equipped with AI-powered Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC) and Fraud Detection systems.

How Does Senexpay Determine the Bitcoin Price?

Senexpay uses average market rates from several exchange sources to derive its price of Bitcoin in US dollars. This figure is then multiplied by the Naira to 1USD exchange rate.

How Long Does It Take to Complete A Transaction?

Our buy and sell transactions get completed in two minutes. Our platform by default performs transactions instantaneously. The software operates on an autonomous mode to limit the number of humans in the transaction chain. This, in turn, leaves the transaction pace solely at the hands of the client.

Where Does Senexpay Operates?

Senexpay operates worldwide. Our website is accessible by anyone on the internet who possesses a valid means of identification and payment source. Digitally, we accept Debit/ Credit cards, Direct Bank Transfers and even USSD payments from customers in 140+ countries.

What Makes Senexpay Different from Others?

Firstly, Senexpay is fully-automated meaning that there are no humans in the transaction chain. Secondly, Senexpay does NOT keep user funds as users transact using any wallet, they fully control. In contrast with other exchanges, Senexpay: Does NOT need a sign-up, Offers excellent client support, Offers the best exchange rates, Offers zero credit or debit card charges.

What's Your Working/ Support Hours?

Senexpay operates round the clock. Users might NOT need the services of the support team. But if need be, they are always available 24/7. For real, this is no hype!

If My Question Isn’t Answered Here. What Next?

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