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SenexPay offers you a secure and easy
way to make crypto-fiat exchange without any hassle.

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SenexPay Transaction fee is 0.7 percent pegged at $2. Learn more about our fees.

Your trusted
crypto exchange

Our fast payout is why people trust us. Skip the long waits and join the cool people who use SenexPay to buy and sell cryptocurrency everyday.

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A Powerful Dashboard
Designed with You in Mind

Get a full bird's-eye view of all your crypto activities on the dashboard.


We are serious about security.

We know that security is priority for you; it is for us too. All your transactions with us are fully encrypted with cutting-edge security protocols that protect you.


Why people love SenexPay

We just wanna make crypto exchange stress-free.


Simple to use

If you can read ‘A-Z’, then you can use SenexPay for your crypto exchange. Easy stuff.

Swift transactions

We know how much you hate to wait. Enjoy the power of instant payment on SenexPay.

Safe and protected

SenexPay is highly secure with end-to-end bank-level security encryption
Virtual Event

Getting into Crypto

Do you need guidance on how to start investing and earning in cryptocurrency? Worry no more! Join other crypto newbies in the weekly session with our Crypto experts.

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Earn Passive Income

Earn up to 5 USD each time you invite a friend to register and perform a transaction on SenexPay. There is no limit to what you can earn!

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